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Height Safety Design


At Prime Industrial Access, our Access Systems and Height Safety Division can design, supply and install an array of systems, from basic through to custom-designed and site-specific. Our systems will solve the most difficult access and safety problems, which also include functionality, practicability, cost and aesthetics.

Often small but essential design elements are lost in a poorly designed system, creating a knock-on effect:

  • Increased hazards that can become serious workplace risks.

Eliminating workplace access hazards during the design and planning stage is easier, cheaper and – most importantly – SAFER than making changes later in the construction process.

We partner with Australia’s leading industry suppliers, to ensure we deliver superior and compliant anchoring, height safety and fall arrest systems that ultimately meet our clients desired outcomes.

Examples of systems Prime Industrial Access can design and install include:

  • Anchor Points

  • Static Lines

  • Aluminium Rung Ladder Systems

  • Aluminium Platforms

  • Aluminium Walkway

  • Aluminium Handrail

  • Fibreglass Walkway

  • Aluminium Stairs

  • Access Hatches

  • Steel Platforms

  • Steel Handrail

  • PPE Supplies

  • Davit Arms

  • Abseil Monorails

  • Aluminium Gantries

As a system designer and installer, we meet Australian standards for Height Safety and Fall Protection. Our trained technicians are all accredited to install all Height Safety Systems to the high standards required by Prime Industrial Access.


Our systems are designed to protect people who work in elevated positions or confined space, therefore, it is essential that all Prime Industrial Access systems perform equally as well in the field as when being tested.

To ensure this, Prime Industrial Access provides detailed installation instructions & user manuals.

Our product range has been designed using methods that maximise protection and minimise installation time for construction.


We can also provide onsite training on how to use our systems safely, allowing total peace of mind for all parties.

For all design and installation enquiries please contact our team at:

Phone:   1300 965 536

We are flexible and able to adapt levels of service to suit all budgets with the ability to service the needs of the most complicated sites with multiple assets through to the small business operator with a single asset.

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