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Importance Of Height Safety Systems Service

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Falling from height incidents, besides others, remains one of the most common sources of getting injured at the workplace in Sydney.

Despite several fateful occurrences, the common risks associated with working at heights across several buildings in Australia are surprisingly downplayed, misunderstood, and ignored. This is where pinnacle height safety systems make a difference, as they are solely designed and subsequently installed with one idea in mind–to safeguard one and all working at heights.

As such, any workplace that requires working at heights can help mitigate the regular incidents of trips, falls, and slips by installing a proper height safety system in Sydney. Thus, it is of utmost necessity that one gets their workplace inspected by an expert height safety engineer to avoid any mishaps.

As one of the most trusted Australian height safety services, Prime Industrial Access designs and installs safety systems, as well as advises worksite owners and company officers about fall protection systems and roof access systems.

From using ladders, staircases, anchor points, static lines, guardrails, industrial rope access Sydney, walkways, our height safety inspection engineers are industry trained experts who have the right set of knowledge to keep everyone working at heights well protected.

Among the most commonly used roof access systems, a ladder bracket accompanied with the first man-up cable usually serves the purpose right when working across single storey roofs with not-so-frequent access. However, for areas with much reduced public access, ladders can be installed for ease of access alongside guardrails and staircases.

Our safety inspection services are designed following a four-fold approach to ensure your worksite meets the Australian standards and legislation. The following pointers offer more insights into our workplace safety inspection service:

  • We start by recording the nature of work being done and identify all activities pertaining to working at heights.

  • Next, we create the profile of workers engaged and follow up with potential falling risks.

  • We evaluate control dimensions across planning, training, and effective implementation of fall protection systems and personal protection equipment.

  • Lastly, our expert worksite visit experts provide the business owner or the company officer with a list of recommendations to up their safety.

Furthermore, any due diligence activity carried out by Prime Industrial Access

Is in sync with the guidelines laid down by the Work Health and Safety Act of Australia. Also, throughout the entire process, the business or worksite owner is kept well informed of the proceedings, and also supplied with relevant data to ensure every single measure adopted or advised is in compliance with the safety rules.

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