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Secure Lives Working At Heights

With an increasing number of a construction crew working in skyscrapers across Australia, the need for safety equipment is gaining prominence.

No denying, larger corporations eyeing to take up their corporate office in the prime location of the town are bringing in more construction projects for one and all builders. So, whether one is a builder, a property owner, or a workman, the risk of meeting an accident at work is always lurking.

This is where a fall arrest system and height safety systems come into the picture. They not only help one to get their jobs done fast but also significantly satisfy the safety parameters you need to maintain around the worksite. However, there’s more than that.

In this post, we lay our focus on two most important considerations while working across tall rises in prime locations of Sydney, namely:

  • Safety Equipment, and

  • A comprehensive fall protection plan.

These are the two most significant inclusions that are directed towards safeguarding the workers in case of a mishap.

Read on to find out more.

The importance of safety equipment

With come-of-age technologies, height safety systems globally are on an evolving spree. They are not only designed to be sturdy to arrest a fall but are also incredibly easy to work with.

The make material of a modern fall arrest system usually sees stainless steel that renders the equipment durable against sudden shocks, pulls, or jerks. Nevertheless, as a site owner or contractor, it's binding on you to run a check on the safety equipment used is in compliance with the standards set by the regulatory authorities like Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) and Australian Standards.

Apart from conventional height safety systems, you will also need to ensure the quality of product procured for other important equipment like ladders, rail fall arrest systems, and anchor points. Here are a couple of pointers to keep in mind:

The Mandatory Fall Protection Strategy

While protection equipment is a necessary inclusion to any construction site, without a proper fall protection strategy in place, things can be a tad bit tricky.

Always remember, it is for your own good that you invest to train your work crew to efficiently use protective equipment and the do's and don'ts in case of a mishap. Organize monthly seminars and safety workshops and let them garner hands-on experience before they get to work with the equipment on site.

When designing a fall protection plan, the first thing that you need to consider is a fall arrest system that offers resistance in case a person actually loses grip and falls from a height. Thus, when you set out to buy fall protection equipment, always consult your workers and let them decide on the equipment from a particular manufacturer they feel the safest and comfortable to work with.

Final thoughts

You see, safety has no alternative. When you fulfill the parameters as envisioned, you are not only protecting your workers but also setting an example for others to follow and mitigate the chance of accidents.

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